Additional education enables fuller use of the potential of school education, contributes to the child’s need for self-development, shapes their readiness and habit for creative activity, Increases their self-esteem and status in the eyes of peers, teachers and parents, and enables each child to satisfy their individual cognitive, aesthetic and creative needs.

Priority directions when teaching additional classes:

  1. Academic (intellectual),
  2. The information education trajectory,
  3. Multilingual education.

In the first direction , logic, entertaining mathematics, mental arithmetic, combinatorics, as well as the Intellectual special course are taught.  

In the second direction , robotics, as well as the Infoznaika special course are taught.

In the third direction, the English language immersion, the Kazakh language Immersion, Reading for joy special courses have been developed and are being taught. In order to develop the readership competence, the Reading School project is introduced, the Book+ classes are held; daily 20-minute reading of books is organized at school and within families.  

All directions are based on project research, essay writing training and theatre activities.

Work schedule of clubs and sections

п/пThe name of the circle or sectionCost per monthWeekdayTimeFull name of the manager
1Шахматы15 000 т.Понедельник, среда17.00-18.00Зуболомов Руслан Валерьевич 8-701-888-14-46
2Карате8 000 т.Вторник, четверг17.00-18.00Таматаев Раймбек Куандыкович 8-701-066-00-09
3Робототехника15 000 т.Пятница17.00-18.00Шоинов Магжан Ернатович 8-707-425-09-84
4Английский язык8 000–10 000 т.ЕжедневноПо графикуРахимжанова Диана Талгатовна 8-775-273-18-15
5Логопедическая служба3 500 т-0,5 часаИндивидуальноПо графикуАзбергенова Гульжаухар Аксауытовна 8-707-378-93-29