Welcome to the Ascend website!

The Ascend Kindergarten - Elementary School of Intellectual Development complex is a licensed full-time educational institution that has been operating for three years.

The School Mission::

Every child is unique! Our work is aimed at developing the student's personal potential in accordance with their abilities, capabilities, and needs. To do this, we create the conditions for children to develop the qualities of an active, determined, responsible individual who is ready for self-development and successful self-realization in modern society.

The organizational structure of education of the complex:

  1. First stage - pre-school education and upbringing of children aged 3-4;
  2. Second stage - preparation for school of children aged 5-6;
  3. Third stage - elementary school from 1 to 4 grades.

The school provides the following educational programmes:

  1. Preschool upbringing and education,
  2. Elementary education;
  3. Additional education.

The school provides children upbringing and education within framework of the State Educational Standards, as well as protection and strengthening of physical and mental health, development of physical, intellectual abilities and creativity of students.

School logo:

The basic educational principles of the school are reflected in the form of symbols on the school coat of arms

Shanyrak is the symbol of culture and traditions, the sun is the embodiment of truth, honesty and openness, mountains are the symbol of confidence, sustainability (eternity, strength), and the book is the symbol of knowledge.

Ascend School is famous for its dedication to traditions and strives to reveal students' intellectual and creative potential.

At ASCEND, together with parents, we help children discover their inner potential, set important goals for themselves, and most importantly, achieve them in harmony with themselves and the world around them.